Skissernas Museum in the news

Skissernes Museum in the Media.

  • Skissernas Museum is nominated for Museum of the Year 2019. Read more on Swedish Museums Assosciation (in Swedish) here.
  • Suzanne Osten to Skissernas Night on Friday fredag, 2018 March 15, Sydsvenskan (in Swedish).
  • They will receive Lund City Building Prize, 2017 Dec 20, Sydsvenskan (in Swedish).
  • Kasper Salin Prize to Skissernas Museum, 2017 Nov 28, Dagens Nyheter (in Swedish).
  • New angles at Skissernas Museum when student guides take over, 2017 Nov 6, Sydsvenskan (in Swedish).
  • With accuracy and sense of mind, 2017 Sep 25, Sydsvenskan (in Swedish).
  • The museum's latest extensions of the architects Elding Oscarson have been nominated for the Kasper Salin
    Prize 2017. Read about it via Sydsvenskan or Architects Sweden, 2017 Sep 21 (in Swedish).
  • Challenges the landscape, 2017 Sep 7, Skånska Dagbladet (in Swedish).
  • Corten e legno, arte e architettura: L'ampliamento del museo Skissernas, 2017 Aug 23, Elle Decor (in Italian).
  • Öffentliches Interface Museumserweiterung von Elding Oscarson in Lund, 2017 Aug 15, BauNetz (in German)
  • Maram's face is pure artwork, 2017 Feb 2, SVT (in Swedish).
  • World-wide collection sketches in a new shell, 2017 Feb 1, Svenska Dagbladet (in Swedish).
  • Many visitors during Skisseernas Museum grand opening, 2017 Jan 28, Sydsvenskan (in Swedish).
  • The new Skissernas Museum lifts art life, 2017 Jan 28, Sydsvenskan (in Swedish)
  • Grand opening when Skissernas reopened, 2017 Jan 24, Sydsvenskan (in Swedish).