Siri Derkert Triology. Foto: Håkan Larsson

Filmscreening and Talk: Siri Derkert Trilogy

Siri Derkert Trilogy by Teresia Björk follows the development of performances by dancer/choreographer Teresia Björk, interpreting the works of 20th-century Swedish arts pioneer Siri Derkert through dance. A film by Håkan Larsson and Bengt Wanselius with composers Per Åhlund, Manoli Moriarty, and Martin Landquist.

Following the screening, Teresia Björk will present a discussion on the performances (in Swedish).

18.00 Thematic guided tour: Siri Derkert (in Swedish)
19.10 Filmscreening: Siri Derkert Triology
19.45 Talk: Teresia Björk (in Swedish)

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