Book release: SAK & Andreas Eriksson

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All is related, from the outside in. Look what’s behind it.

In the summer of 2021, we had the pleasure of presenting tapestries, sketches, and paintings by Andreas Eriksson in the exhibition Weavings, sketches, focusing on the process surrounding the artists textile works. Therefore, we are happy to also be able to house a book release of SAK's yearbook 2021, a monograph on Andreas Eriksson.

The book release takes place in the presence of Andreas Eriksson.

Andreas Eriksson (b. 1975 in Björsäter, lives and works in Medelplana, Sweden) is one of Sweden’s most notable contemporary artists. His artistic practice is based on a traditional painterly language, but he constantly expands this field to also encompass a vast production of textile works. He examines different histories through conceptual twists and turns in sculpture and prints. This monograph, the artist’s first, seeks to explain and illustrate Eriksson’s development and thoughts behind the meandering array of works he produces. It is a close look behind the canvas.

The book contains a rich pictorial material, a newly written essay by SAK's director Sara Walker and a dialog between the artist and the Swiss curator Hans Ulrich Obrist.

The book is a collaboration between the Swedish General Art Association, Andreas Eriksson's studio, the galleries Stephen Friedman Gallery and neugerriemschneider, and DCV books.

Design: Patric Leo

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