Jazz på Skisserna: Hvalfugl

Admission fee to the museum.
Free admission for students, young people under 25 as well as employees at Lund University.

The Aarhus trio Hvalfugl belongs to an exciting young generation of musicians who build a bridge between Nordic folk music and the sound of jazz. There is a bubbling freshness and a lyrical nerve in their music, and with their playful interplay, you are elegantly sent in the direction of both bright Nordic nights and autumn glow in the treetops.

Lightness and heaviness, carefree summer mood and unfathomable autumn melancholy revolve throughout the shades. A balance that is also found in the Danish and Swedish folk music tradition, from which Hvalfugl draws much of its inspiration.

Jonathan Fjord Bredholt – Piano & Harmonium

Jeppe Lavsen – El-guitar

Anders Juel Bomholt – Contrabass

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