Whose Public Space? A talk about public art on artists’ terms

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Earlier this year, Konstnärscentrum Syd called for applications for five sketch grants for freestanding ideas for public art. The intention was to support ideas about representation in public spaces that are not governed by an official commissioner. We opened the call to artists of all skill levels and backgrounds in the region. Around ninety artists submitted applications reflecting their engagement and interest in working with public space on their own terms. Join us for a talk in which the jury of the Open Call meet to discuss the open call process and the sketches, which are exhibited at Skissernas Museum. We will discuss why open calls such as this one matter, and what the structures behind official commissions for public art look like today.

Participants are C. Grace Chang (curator, Skånes konstförening), Jamila Drott (artist, Plattform KcSyd) and Jan Marius Kiösterud (artist, Plattform KcSyd).

The talk will be in Swedish and in English.

The exhibition Open Call is shown until 5 September in The Arcade Gallery.

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