The music of the soul - the soul of the music

Free admission

Opening at 6 pm.

Throughout history, human soul searching has evolved into musical expressions - from ancient Gregorian vocals to modern genres such as soul, gospel and R&B. Conversely, music itself has the power to evoke intense mental states - from contemplative concentration to exalted ecstasy. During the evening, jazz singer Isabella Lundgren talks with cultural journalist and music critic Eric Schüldt about the aesthetic and spiritual dimensions of music. The talk alternate with performance by Isabella Lundgren.

The talk is in Swedish.

The evening is linked to the research project Öppningar mot det numinösa: Skärningspunkter mellan religion och estetik i det sekulära samhället (Openings to the Numb: Intersections between religion and aesthetics in the secular society). The project is funded by the LMK Foundation.

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