Thursday Sessions: 3x Guided Tours, 3x More to Learn!

Join a tour and learn more about art and the exhibitions. Every Thursday, the Museum offers free public guided tours in English, included with the admission fee. You don’t have to register in advance.

Who made the five-meter-high sculpture in the Swedish hall? What inspired Sonia Delaunay’s works for the “The World’s Fair in Paris” 1937? What makes the Diego Rivera painting in the Mexican hall so special? Come on over to the Museum and find out!

17.00 Guided tour in English

18.00 Guided tour in Swedish

19.00 Guided tour in Swedish with student guide Vladimir Okhnich

Every Thursday the Museum is open late until 21.00. We always have guided tours in English and Swedish and you can take part in the Thursday Sessions program with different happenings every week.

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