Opening – The Return of Finsta

Inauguration 6.30pm.
Bar and mingel in the Birgit Rausing Hall all evening with DJ Pace One.
Free admission

Skissernas Museum presents The Return of Finsta with graffiti artist Finn Hallin, alias Finsta. The multifaceted artist Finsta (Finn Hallin, born 1978), with his playful and distinctive imagery, is one of Europe’s leading urban contemporary artists. He moves between painting, design, music, and animation. His love of popular culture and the urban environment, combined with a strong desire to be seen and produce works available to the public, has made him move endlessly between the established art institutions and the street. With megalomania as an engine, Finsta always wants to do more, better and bigger. Nothing is impossible in graffiti – the art form in which everything is about being visible and making your personal mark on your surroundings.

Here, we will be able to follow Finsta’s creative process and sources of inspiration. A central part of the exhibition consists of Finsta’s sketchbooks, known as black books in graffiti culture, a mixture of Finsta’s own sketches and those of other artists. The exhibition at Skissernas Museum will display several new site-specific works. The exhibition is the initiative of prize-winning curator Aia Jüdes, known for her interdisciplinary and playful holistic experiences.

We welcome you to join in a colourful journey of discovery through Finsta’s humorous and cheeky universe!

The Return of Finsta

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