Workshop at Skissernas: Kristin Warfvinge

Admission fee to the museum. Free admission for students, young people under 25 as well as employees at Lund University.
Limited number participators, pre-registration via Billetto!

This is a workshop for adults.
The workshop will be held in English!

The Sound of Peas - Workshop with Kristin Warfvinge

Inspired by Kristina Mautosch’s artwork Scenery, we make our own musical piece from dried peas. We examine the aural qualities of the plant and create our own instruments. Various materials for building will be available, but you may also bring your own recording equipment if you are interested in digitally processing the sound of our creations.

Kristin Warfvinge is a composer, sound artist and conductor active in Malmö and Copenhagen. She has obtained her compositional educational from studies at The Gotland School of Music Composition, The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Beyond this she also has a background as an improvisational musician and with architectural studies, which gives her a broad interdisciplinary knowledge. As a composer she often explores the relation between sound and space, or experiments with conceptual themes such as perception, change or control. She is also one of the founding members of Malmö-based Transformera! Komponera! Musicera!, a genre-crossing group creating music, instruments and art from objects they find in the streets or the various dumpsters.

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