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Here we have gathered all the ways you can take part of the museum online, wherever you are.

Explore the collection

Skissernas Museum – Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art has the world’s largest collection of sketches and preliminary studies for public artworks.
Explore the collection

Skissernas Museum at Instagram

At the museum's Instagram we share art from the collection and old images from our archives. You can also follow us behind the scenes and get a taste of our exhibitions and events.
Skissernas Museum Instagram

Skissernas Museum at YouTube

On our YouTube-channel you can see guided tours of the exhibitions, get inspiration for DIY, behind the scenes and much more.
Skissernas Museum on YouTube

Follow the museum on Facebook

On the museum's Facebook page, you can keep track of the museum's program activities – Concerts, artist talks, guided tours, creative workshops and much more! Language Swedish.
Skissernas Museum Facebook

The Audio guide

With Skissernas Museum's audio guide, you can learn more about the museum at your own pace. The main track is read by former museum director Patrick Amsellem and many tracks are accompanied by more voices: artists, conservators, museum professionals, and many others under "Lyssna vidare". For several tracks, there is also a rich image material that allows you to experience the exhibitions even outside the museum.

Skissernas Museum´s audio guide is an app that you download for free to your smartphone in App Store or Google Play.

Listen to the podcast

Here you can listen to Brown Bag Lunches, the museum's popular conversation series where we immerse ourselves in the creative process together with guests with different professional backgrounds. Artists, writers, photographers, illustrators, researchers, theatre directors and advertisers talk about their own paths, obstacles and challenges on the way to their goals. Language Swedish. Search for "Skissernas Museum" where you find podcasts or listen at Spotify.
Skissernas Museum on Spotify