Eter Festival: Konserter och samtal med Gel, rip ME och Marta Forsberg

Skissernas Museum är en del av Eter Festival 2019, en festival för experimentell och elektronisk musik! Fri entré.

Till museet kommer den danska dansaren och musikern Gel och stockholmsbaserade musikern rip ME för att ge konserter och delta i ett artist talk (på engelska) tillsammans med curator och samtalsledare Marta Forsberg.

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At Skissernas Museum, Eter Festival presents artist talks and concerts with Marta Forsberg, Gel and rip ME - three artists who explore sonic visualisations, music for dance, queer topics and the relation between body and sound. During the artist talks they will talk about the creative process and their thoughts on their work. This is served with live performances from rip ME and Gel.

Curated and moderated by Marta Forsberg.

rip ME 
An energetic transformer of genres and expressions. rip ME is characterized by a lust to experiment and a lust to toss things around in order for them to make perfect sense. All about transformatory states, queerness, weirdness & hedonistic liturgy. rip ME has a unique way of navigating between the grave and the newborn baby dancing upon it.

Gel is the musical alias of Copenhagen based dance artist Karis Zidore. Her music can be described as deconstructed dance music, insisting on the constant displacement of beats and friction between rhythms and soundscapes. Her work as a dance artist manifests itself in the playful, unpredictable and fragmented compositions. She composes with the body as a way of softening and skewing the electronic sound. This relation between body and sound becomes clear in the compositions as well as in her live performances, where the beats go in and and out of shape and body, and the bodies go in and out of beats. 

Marta Forsberg 
Marta Forsberg is a composer, sound artist and musician working within the field of installation art and electronic music. Dedicated to creating an immersive environment, her work explores intimacy in music and performance through minimalist music and light sculptures - a sonic visualisation. 

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