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Sonia Delaunay och Världsutställningen i Paris 1937 ,

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Do you want to learn more about the museum, our collection and exhibitions? Every week, the museum offers free public tours to all visitors. The museum also offers guided tours in English!


Nu har vi öppnat upp för anmälningar till den populära Sommarkonstskolan som museet arrangerar tillsammans med Botaniska trädgården. I år inspireras vi av utställningen The Return of Finsta och funderar kring hur graffiti och streetart kan möta naturen?

2 for 1 at – Louisiana

With Skissernas Museum's annual card, you get the offer "Go 2 pay for 1" at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The offer is valid for the entire year 2022.

Skissernas Museum´s Audioguide

With Skissernas Museum’s audioguide you can learn more about the Museum at your own pace. The head track is read by former director Patrick Amsellem and many tracks are accompanied by more voices: artists, conservators, museum professionals, and many others. Now also in English!

Eat & drink

At På Skissernas awaits an ambitious yet down-to-earth Scandinavian cuisine with fantastic ingredients combined to create great taste sensations. The restaurant focuses on local farm produce, Swedish flavours and a love of cooking as a craft.

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