Skissernas Night #3

Four times a year Skissernas Museum presents Skissernas Night – join us as we open up the Museum for an evening full of art, exhibitions and activities. Bring your friends and family and celebrate one of our favorite evening events! Free admission.


17.00    Guided tour of Andy Goldsworthy – Drawing a Line, in Swedish

17:15    LIVE ACT: Møllehøj & Fjeldsted jazz duo (CPH)

17:30    Talk: Kerstin Berggren and fashion designer Bea Szenfeld, in Swedish

18:00    Performance with M.P.A.C - Mighty Performing Arts Collective: Hairy Tales

19:00 - 21:00 Paper workshop with fashion designer Bea Szenfeld

19:00    Performance with M.P.A.C - Mighty Performing Arts Collective: Hairy Tales

19:30    LIVE ACT:  Møllehøj & Fjeldsted jazz duo (CPH)

19:30    Guided tour of Andy Goldsworthy – Drawing a Line, in English

19:45    Performance Croquis with Annou Nilson

21:00    LIVE ACT: Wildhart (GBG)

22:00    LIVE ACT: Skeppet (MÖ)

23:00    Closing time

Bea Szenfeld och Kerstin Berggren (Talk in Swedish)

Bea Szenfeld is a Swedish fashion designer, creating spectacular haute couture-pieces dissolving the borders between design and art. She is known for her experimental spectacular collections made of paper, and her pieces have been carried by artists like Björk and Lady Gaga. Every piece is created by hand in an enormously time consuming process.

The Talk is led by the cultural journalist Kerstin Berggren, whom most people know from ”Spotlight” Sveriges Radio. Over 70 cultural figures have been interviewed by Kerstin from Kevin Spacey to John Malkovich. The talks are based on Kerstin’s interest in how actors, artists, opera singers and musicians think with in the creative process of their work.

Together Kerstin and Bea will talk about the creative processes surrounding Beas’s unique work.

Performance Croquis with Annou Nilson
Let’s sketch! Performance Croquis with Karavan (Nycirkus Malmö) Alternative Croquis for everyone - no matter if you are an artist or not. Dancer Annou Nilson will perform in the museum halls. We can promise an intriguing meeting between contemporary circus, Croquis and art.

Drawing materials are available to borrow - no prior knowledge is required. Limited number of places.

Wildhart (GBG)
In November 2016 Wildhart released their debut album “Shine”. The album is described as a suggestive and dreamy pop universe, a travel through fiction and reality on the river of melancholia. Following the album, the band made a tour in Europe together with the artist Linnea Jardemark. Through analog material Jardemark created an abstract landscape that danced and merged with the music, this scenic collaboration has expanded during 2017.

Skeppet (MÖ)
Skeppet is a duo from Malmö, that have played together since 2006. They have been releasing several records and cassettes at different records labels. One of the labels - Not Not fun - describe their instrumental music as being “mantric-psychedelic”.

More information will come soon.

With support from Sparbanken Skåne.


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