• Open today 11–17

The Birth of the Work of Art

Sketches provide an insight into the artistic process, how ideas are explored and how works of art take shape. This room addresses questions about the nature of sketching and also shows how artists today use digital sketching techniques. Here you can follow several artists in their process, from inspiration and early idea to finished work.

In the room, we also highlight the mural – one of the most common forms of public art. The focus is also on the artists’ studio, whose sometimes creative chaos inspired the museum’s founder Ragnar Josephson when he hung the art in the museum’s largest halls. As a tribute to Josephson and the museum’s history, the museum has chosen to continue installing art in the main halls, The Swedish Gallery and The International Gallery in a similar way.

In this room you will find, among others, sketches and models by Henry Moore, Carl Eldh, Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Astrid Göransson, Lina Selander and Carl Boutard.