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The Northern Drawing School: INFINITY

Fri entré

Detta evenemang är på engelska / This event is held in English. 

The Northern Drawing School invites you to join us for a four-day symposium explorating the relationship between drawing and mathematics located at the Skissernas museum, City hall, Stenkrossen, and Saluhallen in the city of Lund. Each day there will be a series of dedicated workshops that challenge, develop, and redefine one of the key themes which makes drawing and mathematics closely related.

With a thematic focus on drawing’s relationship to mathematics, the symposium underlines drawing’s potential as both a cognitive tool and a problem-solving mechanism across various academic disciplines. At NDS, we believe that drawing holds immense potential not only as a tool for problem-solving and creative expression but also as a medium for exploration, experimentation, and personal development. By challenging these conventional notions of what drawing can, we hope to expand the appreciation for drawings significance in both education and society.


Workshop + Lecture :NDS × LU: (Preliminary) Fractuals
Workshop: HfK × Be Körner: Learning Agreement – How to master chaos with drawing
Lecture: Professor Kristina Juter, Representations of infinity – A never ending story then Barbeque and poetry readings


About The Northern Drawing School

The Northern Drawing School (NDS) is a network established 2023 by teachers at seven leading art schools in Northern Europe (Estonia, Germany, Latvia, The Netherlands,Norway, and Sweden) with the aim of strengthening the role of drawing in higher artistic education (and elsewhere). The practical educational aspect of drawing is central to the network.

From a child’s first playful strokes to the more utilitarian use of drawing in adult life as a means of conveying information and artistic expression, drawing has always been a tool that defines us as humans. In today’s educational systems, there’s a dominating trend of de-prioritizing artistic subjects, overshadowed by a focus on quantifiable outcomes. This shift arguably threaterns a repression of cultural diversity, independent thinking, and disrupt the understanding of complex relationships and interdisciplinary concepts. Artistic skills, essential for the embracement of creativity and innovation in education, also play a significant role in advancing fields
such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

At NDS, we do not see drawing solely as an artistic medium; we believe that drawing can also be integrated as a central component to stimulate creative thinking in other academic disciplines, multidimensional problem solving and clarification of abstract concepts. In the long run, our vision would be that the network’s work will draw attention to the role of drawing in education in general, not least in primary school. Research has clearly shown that drawing enriches cognitive abilities, which are a fundamental prerequisite for all learning and problem solving. It is important to underline that NDS’s primary goal is to democratize access to the motor and cognitive benefits of artistic practice, welcoming individuals of all skill levels to explore the art of drawing. At NDS, everyone’s unique contributions are valued, embracing everyone’s essence for endless exploration.

The Northern Drawing School


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