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Charlotte Gyllenhammar

In connection with Charlotte Gyllenhammar's exhibition kastat / cast, Skissernas Museum has published a richly illustrated book with the same title. New works that have not been displayed before are shown together with older works and sketches. The book contains texts by Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Mikael van Reis, Saul Anton and foreword by Patrick Amsellem.

325 SEK

Trays in birchwood with motive by Isaac Grünewald

Myrhunden, 27 x 20 cm
Pelikan, 33 x 21 cm

Den försvunna trädgårdsfesten - En berättelse om Isaac Grünewald och sagodjuren

Skissernas Museum in collaboration with Cecilia Heikkilä.

Den försvunna trädgårdsfesten is a picture book for children of all ages. The book is based on a collection of fairy tale animals created by Isaac Grünewald 100 years ago as decorations for a big party.

Some were several meters high. Some crawled and curled up. Some had horns and sharp teeth. Only once were they hung up and shown. Then they were rolled up and forgotten. Den försvunna trädgårdsfesten is an adventurous tale about the Ant Dog, against all odds, decides to try to recreate the party night from 1923, another fairy tale animal locked in a painting and what happens if you sleep for a hundred years and are almost forgotten. It becomes dangerous somewhere in the middle of the story, but as in all fairy tales, it has a happy ending.

Cecilia Heikkilä is an illustrator and picture book author who has published her own children's books, illustrated Tove Jansson's Moomin stories and others' written texts.

179 SEK

Skissernas Museum – arkitektur, plats, process

Like the annual rings on a tree, building have been added to building and the Skissernas Museum today consists of buildings from six different eras. The book Skissernas Museum - architecture, place, process focuses on the museum's architecture, from an old gymnasium to the award-winning extension and renovation from 2017.

The book is written by architectural historian and lecturer Hjördis Kristenson and is a collaboration between Skissernas Museum and Lund University Historical Society (yearbook 2020).

279 SEK