• Open today 12–17
Svart text på rosa bakgrund. Texten: Kom som du är! ...och andra nyförvärv

Come as you are!

…and other new acquisitions

12 October 2023–18 February 2024

The major autumn exhibition at Skissernas Museum – Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art – is a selection of the hundreds of acquisitions added to the museum’s collection in recent years.

The exhibition shows models and sketches of some 50 designs for schools, parks, squares, multistorey car parks, sports centres, underground stations and various service facilities. The sketches provide exciting insights into the artists’ work processes and how ideas emerge and take shape. Here, you can learn more about Astrid Göransson’s sketches for Kom som du är! (Come as you are!) (Riksplan, Stockholm, 2022), take a closer look at Klara Kristalova’s full-scale model for Sjöhäxan (The Sea Witch) (Le Havre, 2022), Emma Kronvall’s model for Ensamräv (Lone Fox) (Karlstad, 2019), Jockum Nordström’s model for his triumphal arch Triumfbåge för halta (Stockholm, 2022) and feel the expectation and energy in the air before a football match through Veronica Brovall’s models for Battle Cry (Olympia, Helsingborg, 2017).

Earlier this year, Skissernas Museum received a large donation from the German foundation, Stiftung Arp e.V., consisting of plaster casts for the artist Hans (Jean) Arp’s sculptures. The donation is invaluable for researchers and others who wish to deepen their understanding of Arp’s creative process and vision. The plaster casts were an important and central part of Arp’s creativity and working method. Arp’s models from the donation are presented in the exhibition Kom som du är! …och andra nyförvärv. (Come as you are! … and other new acquisitions).

Participating artists:

Henrik Allgén, Klas Anshelm, Hans (Jean) Arp, Monica Backström, Henrik Brandt, Veronica Brovall, Linnéa Carlsson, Thomas Edetun, Sven X:et Erixson, Jörgen Fogelquist, Nils Gehlin, Willy Gordon, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Astrid Göransson, Bertil Herlow Svensson, Jytte Høy, Kerstin Jacob Westerlund, Klara Kristalova, Emma Kronvall, Mikael Lundberg, Britta Marakatt-Labba, Jörgen Martinsson, Maha Mustafa, Ingegerd Möller, Catharina Nilsson-Gehlin, Jockum Nordström, Max Ockborn, Pierre Olofsson, Tom Otterness, Berndt Pettersson, Katarina Pirak Sikku, Charlotte von Poehl, Malin Ringsberg, Swoon, Thale Vangen, Magnus Wallin and Ulla Wiggen.