Lina Selander, 2012. ©Lina Selander. Bildupphovsrätt 2016

Lina Selander

Lina Selander (b. 1973) is one of Swedens´most innovative artists within the field of moving images. She has produced several public works using light, audio and video. An example of her work is now presented at Skissernas Museum – A Small Monument over Affinity and Creative Community a video installation for Slättgårdsskolan in Bredäng, Stockholm (2012) . Lina Selander will be representing Sweden at the Biennale in Venice in 2015.

Lina Selander is a current artist with Mehr Licht! the over nine hour long installation on the facade of MAX 1V Laboratory at Lund University, which was inaugurated in spring 2015. With the aid of 1 500 blinking led lamps the large 15×9m work will demonstrate the history of light, perception and moving images. Mehr Licht! relates to the activities in the building, which will be the world´s most modern research facility for synchronized light.