• Open today 12–17
Lebbeus Woods, Geomagnetic Flying Machine, 1989  © Estate of Lebbeus Woods.

The Arcade Gallery: Lebbeus Woods – Visions of the City

Lebbeus Woods (1940-2012) was an American architect and educator dedicated to explore the development of knowledge and method in architecture. This exhibition with ten of Woods’s visionary drawings takes as its point of departure the transition between the ideal and the actual that Woods pursued in the late 1980s to communicate his ideas and visions about architecture and civilization. Woods experimented with architecture to explore ideas about the evolution of cities and societal progress. In our time of socio-political and environmental unrest, the exhibition aims to highlight the urgency of architectural drawing in the formation of visionary civic space and the speculative as a vital force in the creation of cities.

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Per-Johan Dahl, architect and Associate Professor, Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, Faculty of Engineering LTH at Lund University.

The Arcade Gallery is a smaller space for temporary exhibitions.