• Open today 12–17

Visiting: Master students from Malmö Art Academy, Part 1

11 April–5 May 2024, opening 11 April at 17–20
16 May–9 June 2024, opening 16 May at 17–20

It is a great pleasure to welcome Malmö Art Academy to Skissernas Museum!

Malmö Art Academy is an internationally renowned fine arts programme that belongs to Lund University. It is provided that the academy should be interdisciplinary and international. The education is both practical and theoretical, without specific artistic divisions. The students work independently within the subject of fine arts, focusing on their own development of their artistic practice. The curriculum is flexible and individual. It is on the student’s initiative that meetings with teatchers take place.

Each year the group of MFA2 students at Malmö Art Academy graduates with solo exhibition at one of the two KHM galleries in Malmö, which is the conclusion of a 2-year programme. The students work in multiple mediums: painting, installation, photography, sculpture, performance, video, and much more. This year the fifteen graduating students also present works at Skissernas Museum. The students themselves have chosen the placing and what they want to show. Here we now find their works among works of the museum’s collection or in other unexpected places at the museum.

The exhibition is shown in two different presentations.

In the first one (April 11–May 5), the following students participate: Alice Ryne, Carin Alegre Castegren, Cornelia Hermansson, Ida Brockmann, Irene Kaltenborn, Jens Alfred Raahauge and My Sjöberg.

In the second one (May 16–June 9) the following students participate: Amanda Moberg, Anne Sofie Djernis, Anton Kai, Juju Bento, Karolina Bergman Engman, Kristyan Nicholson, Oda O Haugerud, and Stella Sieber.

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