The Corona Collection – Public Art Agency Sweden’s acquisitions 2021

Opening 13 October 5–9pm, Inauguration 6.30pm

Skissernas Museum presents a selection of the more than 500 works of art by 350 artists that Public Art Agency Sweden acquired in 2021 in support of the Swedish art world during the pandemic. The Corona Collection will be placed at government agencies around the country – from the Swedish Public Employment Service, the Social Insurance Agency and the Tax Agency to court houses, universities and institutional residential homes for young people. The art will meet citizens at their places of work in many different contexts and under various conditions. What does it mean to encounter art at one’s workplace every day? How does art at a university contribute to the study environment and the education? What happens when people meet art in their everyday lives? This exhibition seeks to raise thoughts about the significance of encountering art in the spaces we share.

The collection includes works of art by artists of different generations and diverse backgrounds from the entire country. Nature, and especially trees, play a big role. The artists often deal with nature that is endangered and exposed, but also with nature as a transformative and inspiring force and as a place of rest and recharging. Many of the works deal with identity and self-image, memory and forgetfulness ­– fragments of memories that are brought to life and merge with other experiences. In many cases, the artists use materials and techniques that require a great deal of time and consideration, from charcoal and graphite drawings to carefully executed archival work. It is usually about a genuine love of the chosen material.

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