• Open today 11–17

Sep Kamvar – Boundaries

Since its founding in 1934, the focus of Skissernas Museum|Museum of Public Art has been the artistic process and art in the public realm. With Sep Kamvar’s exhibition Boundaries the Museum explores the expanded notion of the public realm in our time and how a definition of public space should encompass also virtual space. In contemporary culture the use of social media blurs the boundaries between public and private. On social networking sites and web logs accessible to an increasingly wider range of people outside the traditional circle of family and friends, the conflation of hitherto more or less separated spheres is now common practice. The exhibition explores the boundaries between art and technology, imagination and reality, and observer and observed. Works exist simultaneously inside the Museum, on the streets of Lund, and on the web, and each piece is a collaboration between the artist and museum visitors. Sep Kamvar is an artist, computer scientist and professor at the MIT Media Lab. Anchored in computational mathematics, he has developed his groundbreaking research on social computing and data mining (at the intersection of social behaviour, computational systems and statistics) into artistic projects that create aesthetic and playful expressions of human feelings. Welcome to interact with the projects!