• Open today 12–17

Visiting: Swedish Photobook Prize 2021

The exhibition shows all the contributions to the Swedish Photobook Prize 2021. The exhibition is both visual and tactile and invites the visitor to browse, read and feel the materiality of the books.

“A photo book is changeable and exciting, immersive, absorbing and complex. It has an aura around it that creates a feeling of charged presence or mystery. Each book is a place for associations, and stories with cultural meanings and poetic spaces. There are no limits to what a photo book can be.”

Annika Thörn Legzdins, Chairman of the Photo Authors, Swedish Association of Professional Photographers.

For the 25th year in a row, the Photo Authors within the Swedish Photographers’ Association are handing out the Swedish Photobook Prize. The prize is open to all genres in the photo book field. Since 1996, many photo books, photographers, designers and publishers have received attention. The award has contributed to an increase in interest in the photo book as an art form.

This year’s Swedish Photobook Prize received just over 100 photo books. Some of the books are published by established publishers, both Swedish and foreign, others by smaller publishers or published by the photographer himself at his own publisher. In connection with the anniversary, the prize was awarded to 3 different books:

Nadja Bournonville, A worm crossed the street (Fotohof edition)

Xenia Nikolskaya, The House My Grandfather Built (Nikolskaya-Lund Publishing)

Martin Bogren, Hollow (Adamanthea Publishing)