• Öppet idag 11–17

Architecture in virtual worlds – Juana Maria Garcia

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Free admission for students, young people under 25 as well as employees at Lund University.
This event is in English.
The virtual architecture is in many ways limitless. With infinite potential and increasingly few technical limitations, virtual worlds in video games can almost be experienced as reality. Juana Maria Garcia is currently working on her PhD and together we will explore the architecture of the gaming world! During this event, Garcia will present her work in virtual architecture, then she leads a panel discussion with game developers from Massive and Sharkmob in Malmö. This event is made in collaboration with Malmö University.
Juana María García Ladrón de Guevara is an architect with a degree from Polytechnic University of Alicante, specializing in computer graphics for architecture from Polytechnic University of Madrid, focusing on architectural 3D design and visualization. As a PhD researcher in architectural communication at Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), she is interested in the digitalization and graphic representation of architecture, and how it relates to technology and video games. Her thesis involves comparing virtual and physical worlds using a methodology that extracts video game design guidelines based on quantifiable architectural, urban, and social parameters.