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Guidad visning i utställningne Coronasamlingen.
Foto: Johan Persson

Finissage: Guided tour of The Corona Collection (in English)

Guidad visning
Entréavgift till museet

Free admission for students, young people under 25 as well as employees at Lund University

Last chance – Join a guided tour in The Corona Collection

In 2021, Public Art Agency Sweden was allocated SEK 25 million from the government to purchase new art. The result is the Corona Collection – a collection of more than 500 works of art by more than 300 artists. The exhibition at the museum presents a selection of the art that Public Art Agency Sweden acquired, it reflect the breadth and diversity that characterizes the Swedish art scene today. The tour is led by one of our knowledgeable art guides!

The tour is in English.

Read more about The Corona Collection – Public Art Agency Sweden’s acquisitions 2021

Saturday 11/2, 13.00 (in English)
Sunday 12/2, 15.00 (in English)

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