• Öppet idag 12–17
Fågelskulptur i lera.
Foto: Emma Krantz/ Skissernas Museum

Guided tour of Making Nature (in English)

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Admission fee to the museum.
Free admission for students, young people under 25 as well as employees at Lund University.

Guided tour of Fredrik Strid – Making Nature

Join us for a guided tour of the newly opened exhibition Making Nature. The exhibition is based on the process-based sculpture project ”All Birds of Sweden.” The extensive installation consists of 257 Swedish bird species, which have been modeled to scale in clay and then cast into candles made of white wax. Making Nature also features the sculpture ”Echo,” which corresponds with ”All the Birds in Sweden” and raises questions about museums’ collecting, classification, and historiography.

Learn more about Fredrik Strid – Making Nature

The tour is included in the admission ticket.

The tour is in English.

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