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Sketching the Future

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You are invited to the inauguration of the Northern Drawing School (NDS), a network of teachers and students in higher artistic education with particular focus on drawing and the development of drawing education in higher studies. The inauguration will occur in conjunction with the Sketching the Future convention in the city of Lund, Sweden, August 8–11, 2023 at Skissernas Museum

Participating are teachers and students from art universities in six European cities – Amsterdam, Bremen, Oslo, Riga, Tallinn and Stockholm. There will be three days of workshops, talks and exercises before the results are exhibited in the Birgit Rausing hall.

8th August—Past

9th August—Present

10th August—Future

11th August—Sketching the Future, Exhibition Open

Come and see us if you are interested in drawing and its future conditions. We look forward to seeing you and drawing with you! ✏️




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